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A challenge...

In the light of lj's comments about inactive accounts and communities I have just been visiting some of my old haunts, and realised that darkisrising100 had been very quiet. So I thought I post a challenge. Make of it what you will...

Someone is writing an academic paper. It's frustrating business - word count, style and target journal have to be just right. Someone else comes and proposes some sort of break. Does the author of the paper go for it or not?

Hope that is enough to get you thinking.

(And yes, I should be writing papers, not posting challenges...)

Community (in)activity

Dear Friends,
Given the recent downturn in this community's activity, which is perfectly natural with time, I thought I might propose a change in structure. Gramarye has been nobly posting weekly drabble challenges for quite some time now, a job that I imagine to be a rather thankless one given the number of responses. Why don't we open up things at both the challenge and posting end of things? Anyone could post a challenge whenever they feel like it, rather than attempting to conform to a weekly schedule, and if someone felt like posting a drabble that did not respond to a current challenge, that would be fine too. If volume increased at some time in the future, guidelines could be adjusted again.
Please reply with your thoughts, if you have them.

All the best for 2009,


Starting Over

100 words

Will gazed into the face across from him, its pallor softened by the candlelight. He hadn’t spoken to Bran, hadn’t dared to, in ten years, yet here they were at this party, hitting it off just like the first time.

No, not just like. Bran’s whole demeanor revealed that he was interested in Will in a way neither of them had ever considered as boys, and Will’s pulse thrummed in response.

“Have we met before?”

The question closes around Will’s heart like a cold hand, and he fights to keep his expression smooth as he looks into Bran’s eyes.


Challenge 191: Forgetfulness

One of the side-effects of the cold that's hijacked my brain seems to be an inability to keep much of anything in my short-term memory (unless I really work at it). As a result, this week's drabble challenge is going to be about forgetfulness -- accidental or deliberate, as the case may be. (With the Sequence, it's sometimes difficult to tell.)

challenge 190: cooking disaster ( but made with love)

w/c : 100
Made with Love

Will read aloud. “Put in two eggs and beat mixture until smooth.”
James rummaged in a kitchen cupboard, re-emerging triumphantly with an electric beater.
He plonked it in the bowl and turned it on.

Mixture flew everywhere. Will yelped and took cover under the table.
They greased a tin and put the mixture remaining in the oven.

It was burnt, the middle sagging. Runny icing pooled in the cake’s center and around the plate’s edges. The candles tilted crazily. They sung sweetly.
“Happy Birthday Mum.”
Mrs Stanton beamed and thanked them all. It was the best present of all.